Uniek. Exclusief. Rebels. Onvergetelijk. Samen zetten wij het hele jaar op z'n kop, omdat we leuk en "verpest" zijn.
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Wij zijn: Verpest/Rotterdam , Veerhaven – VERPEST ZWOELE ZEILBOOT EDITIE 3



Time: juni 04, 2022 14:30
Location: Veerhaven, Rotterdam
Event Type: Event
Organized By: Verpest.nl
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About Tour

Op 4 juni gaan wij weer helemaal los. Dit keer op de lekkerste Urban van DJ MADELINA, en de heetste TechHouse van DAFF92.


Hier wil je bij zijn, de enige zeilboot editie deze zomer voor dat wij de Maassilo (NOW&WOW) gaan Verpesten met zijn allen. Klaar voor? Wij wel! Het feest is 18+, een geldig identiteitsbewijs is nodig. Zie ook overige spelregels hieronder (in het Engels).

Let op:

Boarding: 14:30 uur

Our game rules:

      • This sailing trip is 18+, and has a target audience of young adults (with the age between 21-40). Please bring your ID with you.
      • The ship leaves exactly on time: we will not wait for people who are late. Please be on time (14:30 ).
      • Dresscode: “Glitter, Bright colors, Festival, Party, Disco, or party White”. So not your standard Saturday night outfit
      • Please follow all instructions of the VERPEST and boat crew for your own safety.
      • It’s not possible to disembark the ship early.
      • We can cancel any ticket before or at the event without further reason.
      • By embarking the ship you agree to our Social Media terms and conditions. We ask you to use social media responsibly. Like we will do. You’re also not allowed to make recordings by video or audio longer than 60 seconds without our approval in writing.  We also would like to bring to your attention that you can be part of our Live and non Live social media posts/stories during and after the event. This is part of our Social Media terms and conditions. If you can’t accept our terms and conditions we would like to ask you to send an e-mail to info@verpest.nl. We will then cancel your tickets, and give you your money back.
      • By embarking the ship you agree to the terms and conditions of VERPEST. This document can also be requested by sending an e-mail to info@verpest.nl.


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